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Knowledge Sharing Portal about Power related Industries in India

Nowadays, knowledge is an important factor for people to gain distinctive advantages in
present society; through training, coaching and education, people can develop their skills, abilities and attitudes, to gain those distinctive advantages. Through knowledge, people get better jobs, higher compensation and more wealth. Knowledge is a key-driver for people, to survive in this knowledge intensive world; more knowledge means more power.
The importance of knowledge in an organizational-context is growing rapidly as well. The dynamics and complexity of the organization’s environment is hard to understand. Knowledge could be the solution to understand and gain better insights in this complex environment, which helps knowledge-based organizations to accomplish their successes.

In general, knowledge is the greatest power source in today’s society, but recent studies have shown that not only the absorption and adoption of knowledge is the key to gain these distinctive advantages. There has been a shift from “knowledge is power” to “knowledge-sharing is power”. This new phenomenon is the subject of many researchers and recent studies. The effect of this new trend is that knowledge is becoming an organization’s key resource, to gain competitive advantage. Managers strive to transform the traditional organization into a “learning-organization”, to realize organizational success.

India has the world’s fifth-largest electricity generation capacity and demand is expected to surge in the coming years owing to growth in the economy. According to the Ministry of Power, the total installed capacity of power is 181,558 MW in India.

Thermal power in India accounts for roughly two-thirds of the power generated in India which includes gas, liquid fuel and coal. Reserves for thermal power generation include 59 billion tonnes of mineable coal, 775 million metric tonnes of oil reserves and natural gas reserves of 1,074 billion cubic metres.

For nuclear power, India has one of the world’s largest reserves of nuclear fuel thorium. According to the Ministry of Atomic Energy, nuclear power generation in 2009–10 was estimated at 13,543 million units. The government has targeted an installed nuclear power capacity of 20 GW by 2020 and 63 GW by 2032

India has the world’s fourth-largest number of wind energy installations. According to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), wind energy is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy sectors in the country. With a cumulative deployment of over 13,000 MW, wind energy accounts for nearly 70% of the installed capacity in the renewable energy sector in the country.

According to the Ministry of Power, the scope for investments in the Indian power sector stands at USD 300 billion.

We, at, strongly believe in free dissemination of information. But information of general nature is not sufficient for empowerment unless it has specific focus. Only very specific and focused information would create a sound knowledge base. Hence we are committed to deliver the specific, focused and reliable information about Indian Power sector related industries. focuses on one of the most important sector in economy i.e. Power and related industries.  Anyone, using internet, can find out what is happening all over the globe from hundreds of sources, but is it worth the effort?  It leads to what is called Information Overload. The user quickly looses the thread of what he/she was searching. aggregates content from various news wire services, press releases from companies, partner news service portals and own correspondents, modifies to make them easier to read and then publishes those articles on the website every day without any break.

Although our effort is focused on Power and related industries but we also cover related fields like steel, metal, coal, mining, etc. General economic indicators and other factors influencing power business are also covered.

A)    News

              As the number of articles is quite large, for easy access we have categorized them in 6 areas:
·         Power
·         Oil and Gas
·         Steel and Metals
·         Coal and Mining
·         Non Conventional Energy Sources
·         Other Sectors

B)     Latest Tenders compiles and displays the latest live tenders related to following sectors
·         Power
·         Oil and Gas
·         Steel and Metals
·         Coal and Mining

It is displayed on a specially designed template to facilitate navigation and search in specific areas like Annual Maintenance, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Miscellaneous etc.

C)     Market Tracker

It is a third party tool shared by to update the users about the real time share prices of top players in following areas

·         Power Index – For Real Time BSE Share Prices of Top Power Companies
·         Metal Index – For Real Time BSE Share Prices of Top Steel, Metals and Mining Companies
·         Oil & Gas Index – For Real Time BSE Share Prices of Top Oil & Gas Companies

It is a third party tool shared by to update the users about International Raw Material Prices on following

·         Crude Oil
·         Natural Gas
·         Uranium Oxide
·         Steel
·         Coal
              It is a graphical and tabular representation showing historical price trends

We have compiled the latest Job Openings in national and international power sectors with the help of our knowledge partners

F)     Converters

Weight Calculator: It is a third party tool shared by that calculates the weight of any section in kgs/lbs of any metal if it is fed with the relevant dimensions

Unit Converter: It is a third party tool shared by that converts any standard unit into any other relevant standard unit. We have tried to cover all areas like distance, angles, light, heat, magnetism etc

Currency Converter: It is a third party tool shared by that converts any international currency into any other international currency on real time basis.

We, at, have tried to compile a comprehensive list of power plants in India based on State, operator, Energy source, Capacity

We, at, compile and display the latest reports related to power sector published by various government and other reputed agencies

We, team, are committed to deliver authentic and focused information. is a small effort for our users so as to empower them with knowledge about Indian Power Sector.
We hope the efforts put in by our team is useful for all, from students to professionals alike who are interested in one of the most important, prominent, dynamic sectors in Indian economy i.e. POWER

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